About us

A reliable partner
in the large-volume transport

LUKKESCH Cargo Freighter, s. r. o. has been a prosperous family based company growing constantly since 2014. The company focuses on high-volume shipments within European countries. Several years of experience in domestic and international transport guarantee customers maximum satisfaction and optimization of their own costs. The main goal of the company is safe, high-quality on-time transport and long-term cooperation with our partners.

We emphasize the satisfaction of our customers, and therefore we primarily focus on the optimal level of expansion and the provision of complete logistics services.

up to75 available cars

How we can help you?

Our main role is to solve all problems associated with the delivery of goods to their final destination.


We provide international truck transport with a professional team of dispatchers and drivers.

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Freight forwarding

Need to transport the shipment outside Europe? No problem with us. We will arrange everything and we will fully inform you about the progress.

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We guarantee quality transport that complies with all safety regulations and preventive measures with constant monitoring of the shipment.

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Passenger transportation

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Focused on Europe

We focus mainly on Central, Western and Eastern Europe, specifically in the GDR (Federal Republic of Germany), Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. At present, the volume capacity is growing, which is moving daily in the mentioned areas. The list of destinations is expanding more and more in an effort to satisfy as many of our customers as possible.

What’s new?

To keep you in the picture and not lose you anything about what is current in our company just happened.

April 21, 2024

The purchase of NEW Trucks & Trailers

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February 13, 2021

We have a new website

We have prepared a brand new website for you, where you will find...

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Our offices

  • Prague

  • Kutná Hora

  • Kostelec nad Orlicí